Friday, September 2, 2011

Hyunseung's Birthday!!

Yeyyyyy!!! Hyunseung's Birthday will be tomorrow!! <3 <3 <3 It'll be a very special day for Hyunseung Fans including me <3!! xDDD I was planning on buying a pizza then take a picture of it then tweet~ Problem is... I can't... buy one... T______T waaaaa buying pizza here is very expensive.... anyway right now one of the facebook fanpage of Hyunseung is promoting his birthday thru twitter. B2UTIES have already started trending #PrinceJangDay in twitter so you better put it in you tweets! Let's make his Birthday a very special one~~!! The fanpage is currently posting Hyunseung's Facts while waiting for his birthday to come~

Yesterday was U-Kiss new album, I haven't heard the music but soon if my internet stabilizes -.-

1 hr and 30mins left before Hyunseung's Birthday!

Oh yeah! In celebration of Hyunseung's Birthday I will be doing a wallpaper for my blogspot and tumblr and of course the main photo will be Prince Jang! Hope I could finish it before his Birthday ends~~ <3

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