Friday, August 5, 2011

[News] Hectic Day~ + ZE:A's look-a-likes

Hey guys! Sorry if I haven't been updating for quite awhile because I've been busy these past few days because of the upcoming exam next week plus the commercial~ and yes I WILL be uploading it here! I've been thinking of putting a trailer. On second thought I'll put my teaser here I'm soooo evil to be saying this to you soo~
Tomorrow will be the final shooting of the commercial and your asking "what will it be?!" well it's very simple and crazy. The product will be X-Mini, you know the hamburger speaker. Anyway just research on that one, We will be filming on the roof top of my friend's house. Basically were going to pretend we're practicing for the party and guess what I'm going to use for the practice music. It's "Fiction"! Yey!! hurray for B2ST! Yeah I use that song because it's very popular and at the same time as a tribute to B2ST for their hardwork!

That's all! I told ya it's just a teaser xDDD on with the next topic!

Anyway I was watching tvN a few hours ago then I saw Fiction but I didn't get to see the full one then I said "aww I didn't get to see Hyunseung's part T.T" then I changed channel to MTV there's Fiction again this time my prayers just got answered hahaha after watching Spongebob I changed channel back to tvN then I saw ZE:A getting interviewed by Yura in Kimchi Fanclub I was excited to see their personal appearance in tvN because I rarely see them on TV. And so Yura discussed about their past albums to the present. Then they showed the MV of "Here I Am" and "Watch Out!".

I was shocked that there's a MV for "Watch Out!!" I was excited to put it on my Ipod Touch xD. I've got to thank my friend for showing me "Here I Am". Well that wasn't the first time that I saw them. The first time that I saw them was in some show in Arirang that they have to be fashionista's against time (you know what I mean) I just forgot to search them on that day. BTW my favorite is Leader Moon JunYoung <3 and Jung Heechul (<<< starting to develop fangirl likeness)

When I saw "Here I Am" the first one that I noticed was JunYoung. He looks exactly like Yoochun!! *o* his voice is very deep like The Boss's Woo HyunMin <3 (favorite!).

Identical twins?( *o*) Maybe~~

Next is Jung Heechul~ Me and my friend is watching the video of Jung Heechul in "Here I Am" she immediately exclaimed "Wa! Karam's Brother!" then we laugh because It's true their very similar in that video and then I said "He looks just like Karam but his jaw is like Jesse McCartney and his lips" she agreed except for the Jesse McCartney thing~~ But when I searched for his picture he looks like Ryeowook~~~

 Here, his jaw is similar to TVXQ's Jaejoong
Here, Their eyes are equally matched as Karam's

The next will be Ha Min Woo but I'm trying to match him with Shinee's Taemin my friend said at the part of Here I Am on when he said "It's Party Time" she said he looks like Taemin for me only a little~ But for now the two of them only~ xDD tired already and it's 11:20 Pm here so byee~~

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