Sunday, August 14, 2011

[News Update part 2] tvN K-Pop Star Hunt Website to launch on August 15!

Hey guys I have some good news for ya I know alot of Kpop fans wants to know about the full details about the upcoming K-Pop Star Hunt but before that I would answer some questions regarding my blogpost last last last last last... well... not that long... last month on July 30th, I have two blogpost regarding the Audition and I've seen soooooo many many many fans are eager to know when or where is the audition going to be! Buuuuuut~ First things first the comments I've answered a few questions there so you might wanna re-read my past blogpost I'll give you the link for those of you who recently heard about it.Kpop Star Hunt 1 Kpop Star Hunt 2.
On second thought I'll just put the News about tvN Asia.

Video submissions begin for an once-in-a-lifetime chance to become the next K-Pop Superstar!
Hong Kong, Aug 8 – Attention all aspiring K-Pop stars: the official tvN K-Pop Star Hunt: CUBE Audition website ( will launch on 15th August! From the launch date, K-Pop fans between the ages of 11 to 29 in Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand will have until 25 September to upload their K-Pop style song-and-dance routines onto the website with any song of choice.
Don’t pass up the chance to become the next BEAST or 4minute as the winners will join CUBE, tvN and Channel [V] HD as artist trainees. If that isn’t enough, the thrilling journey of the competition finals will be broadcasted on tvN’s original series in December, where your favorite K-Pop artists will guest star as mentors, judges and performers.
The official website will feature all uploaded video entries, categorized by country, for the world to admire and for Cube and tvN representatives to judge. Everyone will also be able to see the most popular performances in the ‘What’s Hot’ section and the newly uploaded videos in a ‘Latest Entry’ section. Don’t forget to check out the website regularly, if not daily, for exciting new entries posts, news flash bulletins, important winner announcements, and all rules and guidelines on entering the competition.
So polish up those last minute vocal and dance techniques, put it on a video clip, and upload it onto the tvN K-Pop Star Hunt website ( when it officially launches on 15th August 2011. The countdown starts now!
Hear that guys?! They will be updating tvN K-Pop Star Hunt website tomorrow!! Yey xD I'm really tempted to upload too xDDDD. Anyway Hong Kong will be the first, Second will be Philippines, Third is Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand! 

Okay let's start to the commentators There's only two new commentators.
Q: uhh they said sing-and-dance i need to dance on my video? my specialty is just on singing,though i can dance,but just a bit.
A: I'm sure you have researched about the recent update of tvN Asia. Sorry to tell you but I'm not sure if they're going to accept singing only or not. But I got this funny feeling that they're going to consider it! because there are many people who are going to do a dance routine without singing, but if you can dance a little bit they might accept it! so goodluck!!

Q:When is the Deadline?
A: Deadline is on September 25 so you better hurry and practice practice practice!

If you have any more questions just post a comment below don't be shy, I won't bite ya xDDD. Reminders~ The Deadline will be on September 25 so you have 41 days to go before the deadline ends. The official website of the tvN K-Pop Star Hunt will launch tomorrow. I wish you a Goodluck and stay tuned! 


  1. Hi eh must we sing Korean songs?? Can we sing English song?

  2. Hi there! If you can sing any Korean songs it's fine with them, If you can sing English songs it's also fine with them as long as you have effort in it :)