Sunday, August 28, 2011

Long Long Long Weekend!!

Heya guys! I'm back for more news! but where should I start.... Oh yeah I remember! I have good news for the fans of SHINee I know some of you have already heard of but you know me~ I always want to spread the word~ xD Anyways Tomorrow will be a special day for Shawols out there, They will be releasing the new digital single tomorrow so be prepared on that!

U-Kiss just released a new single called "Someday" it's a ballad type of song similar to "0330" you can download it here: Mediafire:

BB.Boys a new boyband  just released a mini album this week called Best Of Best First Album feat. G.NA in their first song. They just debuted in Music core a few days ago a must hear song from the three rookies.

01. 우리 잘 될것 같아 (feat. G.NA) (It's Going Well)
02. 그냥 걸었어 (Bet on it)
03. 우리 잘 될것 같아 (inst.)
04. 그냥 걸었어 (inst.)


I think that all the K-pop news for now~

Oh yeah almost forgot don't forget to read the latest manga update on Noblesse I can guarantee you it's hilarious trust me. And right now I'm reading Defense Devil~ I'm starting to like this manga because of the Comedy and Crime investigations too bad they already finished the whole thing... Sigh... I'm still at chapter 15 (I'm a slow reader what can I do xD) Anyways it's a long weekend so I might as well enjoy it while it lasts, Currently my weekend isn't going too well from what I was expecting. I can't play Rusty Hearts due to the bug that I can't do anything, Can't do dungeon raids because of the bug plus my HP and MP gauge meter isn't showing up just numbers -.- quite frustrating~ Right now I'm downloading Dragon Nest SEA next time I'll be reviewing two Hack n Slash games after the Rusty Hearts became Open Beta. So it will be Rusty Hearts vs Dragon Nest SEA.

See Ya for now xD

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