Friday, September 14, 2012

[Game Review] Continent of the Ninth

Hey Guys! I'm back again for the continuation of Game Review. Earlier today I told you about a brief summary(lack of information) about "C9". Well since I got it running on my desktop, and not my laptop *le cries* I've got to say the graphics isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The graphics was so tremendous! I mean look at this.

By the way this is my character, Dianneski, she's a Witchblade. If you want to add me up in game feel free to do so. I'm at US server by the way. Just be sure to introduce yourselves as blogger, I might mistake you guys for some weird strangers.

Back to the topic, as I was saying the graphics is realistic, every detail is fine, no flaws. The gameplay has a striking similarity of "Dragon Nest" mixed with "Rusty Hearts" and I forgot to mention "Vindictus" (which wont let me play because of IP Block) as I've told you guys before it's a Hack n Slash game + Combo skills.
The game is very easy to play, until you reach your end game--which is very difficult obviously. You 'will' need teammates along with you when you reach a certain level where you need teammates to fight off a Big Boss. Because like I said C9 has stricking similarity with "DN" "RH" and "Vindictus" both have Dungeon raiding and etc.

There are four playable characters in the game. A Warrior, Hunter, Shaman and WitchBlade.

And there is a 2nd job change system, All characters can change its job twice in level 10 and level 20. The first job change is for the reinforcement purpose, and the second job is to specialize your character with style. 
That's all for today. If you guys have any questions about the game, you can pm me at the game or yahoo.

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