Saturday, July 30, 2011

[News Update] Cube Entertainment K-POP Star Hunt Audition

Hey so I know all of you guys are craving for the information about the Audition so I'm going to post here some of the information I got from the net.

For those of you who doesn't know the news about the Audition here's the link to my blog that I posted last week and I noticed that I have comments (wow for the first time weee xD) there are 3 people who wants to know about it so...

Q1:are they done with the auditions here in the philippines?? and how will we know when and were is the auditions!! thank you!! :)
A: The preliminary stages will take place for the selected 14- to 24-year-olds in Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong, from the end of September through early November. That means they haven't started here at the Philippines. In the recent news that I saw earlier B2ST went to Taiwan to promote the Star Hunt Audition And there's no information about where the locations of the auditions yet but I think they will announce it in TV if I'm correct. So wait a little longer :) 

Q2:how to audition? Im a filipino!
A: It says in the TVN Star Hunt website. "All those hours spent glued to the TV, while swaying and humming to your favorite 4Minute, BEAST, and G.Na tunes are going to pay off, because tvN and CUBE Entertainment are giving K-Pop fans in Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand the once in a lifetime chance to become a star and make some K-Pop miracles of their own. So begin practicing, start filming, and get ready to upload your best K-Pop song-and-dance routine online when video submissions open in mid-August on this site. You will have the chance to be shortlisted to your country's regional semi-final for a shot at the final show-down in Korea! The chosen finalists journey to K-Pop stardom will be captured on tvN's K-Pop Star Hunt: The search for the next K-Pop Star reality series to be aired on tvN in December. So stay tuned for more updates!" So that means you have to film your audition and upload it in the tvN Star Hunt website by August hope you can pass in the audition! Fighting! ( ^-^) /

Q3: Will they come to Cebu city?
A: I am not very sure of that because since they mentioned Philippines so it's most likely they'll go to the capital city of the Philippines or in SM Mall of Asia.

Alright the questions have been answered so let's move on to the FAQ

FAQ1: What is the Requirements for the K-Pop Star Hunt Audition?
A: The ONLY Requirement that I know is they are open from age 14~24 (hey my lucky number is there sweet~)

FAQ2: When will video submissions open?
A: At the 15th of August.

FAQ3: Are you finished answering questions?
A: Yes -_-
Anyways if you have anymore questions just comment below. I'm sorry for those who asked me last tuesday it's because I was busy preparing my project commercial soooo and don't worry I'll post the video of my group project later on probably on August 8th. So to all who is going to participate in the Cube Entertainment K-Pop Star Hunt I wish you all guys GOOOOODLUCK!

<<<<Not gonna participate T.T  xDDDD

credits goes to: Music Asia, tvN Star Hunt and Cube Entertainment


  1. is it live audition or just recording ? what is their e-mail ?

  2. Well basically it's a documentary on the chosen participants just like what Hyunseung did. But to enter that audition you have to submit your video to tvN Star Hunt then that's the time they'll choose who will be auditioning. In short it's both.
    There's no information about their E-mail yet.. :(

  3. aww .. thanks for some info ! :)

  4. hey i hope you could answer my questions~
    So, the auditions is by sending them our videos?
    may i know which website could i get the information about this??

    hope you can reply me ASAP ~ thankyou! :)

  5. So, you said we should post our videos online in a certain website. Will they be the ones to pick out the top entries or is it by voting process? Thank you, I hope you could reply asap. ^-^

  6. @Andie sorry for the late reply it's in but they haven't updated the site yet.

    @Mikee Yes they will be the one to pick a certain contestant on tvnstarhunt because for me it will be unfair if they try to do a voting process i guess... I think it will be like superstar k2 xDD it will be a yes or no competition, yes if they like your video, no that means you lack that certain talent and needs a little bit of practice maybe.

    im so sorry about the late reply I was kinda busy this week so here ya go xD

  7. what are the songs i can sing? does it have to be a song from any cube artist? or i can sing any song?

  8. Well~ since it's an audition you can pick any songs you like the most :) but if you can sing any Beast's songs, GNA's song or 4minute's good for you^^ it's up to you :D

  9. thanks very much^^

  10. uhh they said sing-and-dance i need to dance on my video? my specialty is just on singing,though i can dance,but just a bit.

  11. when is the deadline ??

  12. please check this link for further answers
    thank you :)

  13. hi! just wanna ask. i'm a filipino but i'm in thailand right now. can i still join the starhunt?

  14. Not sure about that but since your in Thailand they might accept you to join the event~ I think few Koreans here in Philippines will participate for the Star Hunt cause there are lot's of foreigners in other countries some may visit the specified location of the audition just to join the K-Pop Star Hunt, So i think you might want to try and see for yourself there's no harm trying :D GoodLuck to you!

  15. Hi! just wanna ask again. :)
    I tried to submit my entry but everytime I hit submit it says PAGE ERROR and whenever I try to hit the "try again" button, it says the submission I did will be resend again. So, I wanna ask, did tvN got my submission or not? I'm buffled because there's a big possibility they haven't or if they do, they will get irritated as I have might sent the same entry for like 10 times. ugh! help me!

  16. When is the deadline for submission of entry? Is it sept. 25 or oct. 9? Some says oct. 9 but website ( says sept. 25. Which is true? >.<

  17. how about this year? 2015 do they have audition? thanks
    -Dexter Mandap (add me on FB) :D

  18. any K-POP song or Cube ent. song???
    plsss reply my question plssss....

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  20. is there KPOP STAR HUNT SEASON 6?

  21. On the audition. Are they the one who will choose the music(if i choose dancing)?

  22. what date do they start the auditions? in 2017?