Tuesday, July 26, 2011

[News] Jaejoong misses TVXQ Yunho and Changmin + Teen Top new MV!

Heya... The reason I'm posting a new blog this early because earlier the class was suspended due to heavy rain luckily I brought my jacket with me, don't want to be dripping wet when I get home. Anyways back to the topic.
Maybe your wondering why 'Happy Sad News'. No It's not that I have cold or what it's because what I saw just now... First of all I was browsing AllKpop news on my Facebook then I saw TEEN TOP reveals MV for “No More Perfume On You” I was excited when I saw this because Teen Top is my most anticipated boy band it was recommended by my friend. The first one that I heard about them was Supa Luv. You know the futuristic MV with cool dance moves and their hairstyle was all, what my friend always refer to, "The Coconut Head" hahaha I know I know sorry if I offend some of fangirls of Teen Top but we didn't mean it, it's just that their hairstyle is you know haha to Teen Top Fangirls out there who are reading this blog right now don't take it too seriously :) and of coarse we support them it's just our regular routine being crazy about nicknames so that we will remember them you know :)) I understand that their only doing this kind of hairstyle because their trying to be more futuristic xD, second was Clap a very powerful dance choreography the first time I showed this to my friend she was like ":O whoa~" and then I said "I like their hair here they look more handsome and muture in Supa Luv they look like Teen's from the future having cool make up and stuff in short their cute xD". Well then Make sure to watch their new MV "No More Perfume On You" at AllKpop.

Second, I know that some of you might know this news already but I want my readers to see this. Especially Cassies who doesn't know this yet. So here we go. Maybe some of you have noticed Jaejoong's tweet yesterday. Sorry that I'm a bit late. Picture and Translation belongs to AllKpop.


He wrote,
“I don’t know if I should be saying this… I miss Yunho and Changmin… No matter what anyone says, they’re our members and I know them better than anyone else… People might say it’s pointless in saying this but… I want to see them again. It’s been a while.”

Jaejoong also tweeted the following:
“Junsu always wakes up before the members and gets his hair and make up done before the tired members. He has always been like that for the past eight years. It’s his sincerity that has allowed us to exist, and I hope to learn from him as a friend and co-worker.

There’s a lot to learn from him in a lifetime.”
“Yoochun is always in the middle. He stands in the middle of the members and watches over everyone, which is why we never have any time to feel that we’re alone. He’s one of the most spirited members and he shares that spirit with us so that we feel comfort during difficult times.”

“I have to do better.. That’s what our Junsu and Yoochun make me think. They’re greedy, hoo hoot!”

When I first read this... I cried while reading the whole news, I mean I know that I'm sensitive at small sad stories. But this... This really teared me up. The word the "I miss Yunho and Changmin"
and the reminiscing story that he told makes me wanna cry all day long. But I was part Happy and part Sad and because of this... atleast I know that Jaejoong still thinks about the two members... Even though they're too far away...

Okay now that I expressed all of my feelings here I let a big sigh of relief just to finish this one xD bye for now!

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