Saturday, July 9, 2011

Infinite Before The Dawn (BTD)

Does anyone know about a Kpop band called Infinite before? Yeah they're the one that had a controversy about BTD or Before The Dawn due to the MV they said it's a violent MV but for me it's not I think it's cool :)) especially the song and the dance. The song is very catchy it's been playing for about 3 hrs in a row @@ and the dance... tsk it's a very very very powerful dance they're in sync it's perfect sooo this will be my next practice after Fiction. Thanks to my friend she told me to look for it and practice it, Sadly she already started last thursday :/ she already learnt half of the dance for about 4 hrs straight and then she had cramps after that :)) Anyways I hope I will be able to learn it before Exam starts at August!

Here's the Dance Version of BTD by Infinite

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