Sunday, July 10, 2011

[News] Discovered something old xD

Hey Guys! Just got back from church today, then I ate lunch and fixed something on the computer. Earlier today I checked my Backyard Monsters to harvest all my resources guess what I found -_- some crazy guy attacked me for the third time and this time he totally wiped me out! It's a good thing I have patience I mean the first and second time I didn't mind him but for the third time... tsk this guy is seriously pissing me off sheesh I'm only level 22 and he's what 26? How noobish can he get, If only I'm a little higher than him and stronger than him then lets see who's gets the last laugh Ughh = =" Well atleast karma striked him, I couldn't attacked him so he must have been wiped out or something.

Anyways just now I was browsing my facebook and I found a picture of the Magazine called      "Arena 37°C"

So what do ya think? This was released in October 10, 2010 I know it's pretty late, I was only shocked to see The GazettE on the front cover of Arena 37. Plus did you see what's on top? Yep It's JYJ! I was excited to show this to all of you since some of you are JYJ fans or TVXQ fans. And some of my favorite are here, there's FT Island, ViViD, VAMPS and Alice Nine! <3

I was happy to see Jaejoong/Yoochun/Junsu here, I just wish that Tohoshinki was here too.

That's all for now, Ciao!~

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