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[Manga Update] Noblesse 191!

Yey~ Noblesse chapter 191 has just released a few days ago~ I have read that whole chapter for about 10 mins or so~Sooooo I am going to put the summary of the chapter plus some of my favorite parts~ especially the ending! Oh yeah! I'll make it clear for you guys my mascot is officially changed to "Onion"(I'll blog about this one later on ;)) it's his original name and I'll be DizzyDC from now on~ So Onion go with the Introduction! And and one more thing he's going to use Bold Italic for less confusion~~

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Warning Spoiler Alert below Please proceed with caution! Contains the latest chapter of the Manga/Manhwa. If you have read the previous chapter or read the latest chapter Skip the warnings. If not leave this page immediately!

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Okay~ Thanks Onion~~

So like I said this is only the summary of the chapter if you want the full coverage of the chapter please go to this page.

At the start of the chapter Karias was taking Regis to see his Clan Leader. Unfortunately it was empty a guard noticed Karias and told him about Kaye escorting Gejutel by the Lord's order.

In the mean while Frankenstein and Rajak are still fighting, Frankenstein looks like a mini Hulk only the skin makes a difference. Violet xD.
Franky is growing more violent than ever. Rajak is in tight situation where he can't let his guard down he might get killed by doing so~ The trio was shocked from Frankenstein's power, even Rael can feel a dangerous aura going on with Franky~ scary @@ Rael was thinking of relinquishing ownership with grandia to perfect it that way his brother might stand a chance.

On the next page, Seira and the three Clan Leaders we're shocked to find out that Frankenstein was just a human. Gejutel doesn't know how he acquired his power and said that there are stories passed down for many generations which originate from Frankenstein, Legends of Human who sell their soul to gain great power, Tales of scientists who pursue knowledge to obtain eternal life and so on. Neither the previous Lord nor the previous Clan Leader discuss about this matter but they knew how he got it, so the knowledge was not widespread.

Gejutel asks if the Current Lord wasn't aware of that he was human. Obviously a normal pureblood would have noticed his powers but a Lord? Maybe she's just a normal human with a red contact lens :)). More importantly maybe she doesn't know about Rai too or does know but has only a little information about them. And and don't forget the Six clan leaders who we're very very loyal to the previous Lord, isn't it a little obvious why the Six clan leaders betrayed the Previous Lord after his eternal sleep? that's because the Current Lord doesn't know how to lead, or how to be a Leader-sshi :)) Maybe later on Rai will give a book called "How to become a Leader for Dummies" :))) That'll be soooo soo hilarious with the look on her face >>-_- can't wait to see Rai's laughing face!

Anyway on page 22 Gejutel finally speaks the truth "Lord... The Fault lies with you Because of you inadequacies the clan leaders turned their backs" You got that right! Let her realize that it's her own mistake not someone's mistake but her! That's why the Previous Lord wants Rai to Inherit the Throne not his Daughter. If Rai took the chance to become the current Lord none of this would have happened, Maybe the previous clan leader might not have been forced eternal sleep and be called as traitors. And the Previous Loyard Clan Leader and Gejutel's own son might be still alive until now. But if that we're the case the series might end so quickly ~.~

Almost at the end of the chapter Gejutel told the Lord not to delay the death sentence anymore. At that point I could clearly see that the Lord is thinking twice before she decided to carry out the sentence. She took out Ragnarok (her soul weapon). After making a final decision Rai suddenly appeared just in a nick of time :))

Finally they made Rai appear in this chapter! I was hoping for a longer appearance but failed :( Anyway this is my summary for Noblesse 191 hope you enjoy my blog on an Awesome Manhwa. Be on a look out for the next chapter probably next week.

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