Friday, July 8, 2011

[Updates] What Happened for 1 week

Sorry that I wasn't able to update Noblesse because of some work I must finish... Yeah you guess it right it's "The Download of DOOM". Lemme explain what TDD is. Well first of all it's pretty obvious that it's something that I download from the net and etc, So here's the story; My friends birthday was on June 28, I asked her what does she want on her birthday she answered anything will do, I know myself well that I'm bad at giving gifts and stuffs, at that time her mother will give her a mp5 on her birthday so I figured since she likes Kpop songs and MV's I told her that I'll download all your Kpop favorites then I thought this isn't a bad idea but then I spoke too soon... she listed about 70+ MV's and 25 Kpop artists. And sooo that's why I called it TDD. xD

Anyway continuing on some Updates that I read recently

Dengeki Daisy 33
Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu 67
Noblesse 192
Pandora Hearts 62

That's all~~~

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