Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[News] B2ST Fiction Japanese Version~~

Hey guys! I have good news for ya especially for B2UTIES out there! I have found the Full version of Fiction Japanese version! I quickly played it in Youtube although the sound quality is not good but you can clearly hear they're voices. The Fiction being played here is the orchestra version of the original one.

Heres the video:
I like Junhyung's rap in the first part was not korean but at the start of 2:33 he used korean I thought he was going to use japanese but that wouldn't match the song if he use "Aishiteru" instead of "Saranghae" although they have the same meaning and same syllables, Try doing Aishiteru 5x see if it's good xD. And I also like Hyunseung and Yoseob's japanese here it's very high and powerful like Kikwang's. Doojoon is doing a great work also Dongwoon.

I think I'll be put this on my waiting list, I can't wait for the MV xDD just by looking at Bad Girl Japanese Version makes me think of the future Fiction Japanese Version, them doing the penguin dance while singing in japanese xDD

How bout you? Are ya excited about "So Beast!" album coming this august? What do you think about  "Fiction Japanese Version"?

Comment below you reactions :)

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