Saturday, July 9, 2011

[Review] SO BEAST!

SOOOOOOOO BEAST! Yeah! B2ST is preparing for their first japanese album "SO BEAST", The album will be release at the 10th of August.... Ugh right after the first day of my Exam I hope that I will be lucky on that day >_<

Anyway earlier today I've heard the Longer teaser of "Fiction Japanese Version" while I was browsing on my facebook. And later on I found out that Fiction was heard through a trailer for the upcoming Japanese film "Shanghai". Can't believe they're sooo famous now makes me wanna cry T.T having Fiction as a theme song for a movie that'll be huge!

B2ST will be singing an image song for the Japanese-U.S. collaborative film, “Shanghai“!
On June 21st, Japanese media outlets reported that B2ST was confirmed to sing “Fiction” for “Shanghai” (directed by Mikael Hafstrom), which hits theaters in Japan on August 20th. The film has a cast that includes John CusackGong LiChow Yun-Fat, and Watanabe Ken.
According to reports, representatives felt that B2ST’s masculine, yet suave image worked best with the feel of the film.
The members said, “We’re still rookies in Japan, so it’s definitely an honor to be able to sing the image song for a movie that features such amazing people.”
“Fiction” will be used in the television CF and movie teaser, which is scheduled for release on June 25th. The song will also be included in B2ST’s first Japanese album, “SO BEAST“, on August 10th. Source from
Can't wait for that film! I'm going to watch it til I hear Fiction on that film after that I'll stop watching it hahaha! joking! Since I see Chow Yun-Fat there I'll be sure to watch that film haha.

Here's the preview of Fiction Japanese Version

Yeah I almost forgot! I finally learned Fiction and Breathe! Haha. Thanks to the Dance version of Fiction and the tutorial on the Penguin Dance xDDD dunno why they call it a Penguin Dance but oh well xD maybe someday I'll post my Dance cover of Fiction and Breathe :P P.S I'm dancing to Hyunseung's part <3 it's very hard to copy his dance moves especially the feet thingy :)) I think he's doing slide and gliding or C-walk. @@

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