Saturday, July 16, 2011

[Game Review] The Sims Social

Probably you know about The Sims right? Yeah, Obviously Everyone knows what The Sims is, it is a very addictive game if your into strategic games like this. In The Sims Social you can play it on your own Facebook account yeah you heard that right! Buuuut, It's still in a close beta :( I've seen some photos taken from lucky close beta testers it seems like a good game. This will be my most anticipated game if ever this comes out early hahaha here are some screen shots from the players.

It's more like Sims 4 to me but more cartoony. Since it's not 3D I guess I can play a little longer than The Sims 4, 3D somehow makes me feel Dizzy you know~ the thing that makes you wanna puke and so much head ache goin' on. anyway you can check their page if you have time you can also like them for updates on your fb wall etc. currently they reached 800k their next target is 1m.

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