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[Manga Update] Noblesse Chapter 190!

Heya! There's another update on Noblesse, It was published on Jun 21 which is why I'm a little late on this one -.- but anyways I'll be putting some some pics here. 

WARNING: Spoiler Alert please proceed with caution, Below are some photos of the Manhwa if you haven't read Noblesse please leave this page, Please and Thank You :)

Credits goes to:
~Easy Going Scans (
~Son Jae Ho and Lee Gwang Su~
~Raw Crossing~
~ZYuHi Noblesse Translations~

Chapter 190! The Battle continues on as Frankenstein and Rajak the clan leader of the Kartas.

As you can see Frankenstein's weapon is getting more powerful every single time. Due to his lose of blood. He has to finish the fight before he loses control over his Dark Spear.

If you remember in the previous chapter, The Lord ordered Gejutel to a force eternal sleep while Seira was being called by The Lord.

All the clan leaders gathered where the previous Lord rests, It's really pityful to watch a good clan leader to be forced eternal sleep.

This is a hopeless case -.- Gejutel will not survive... unless Rai shows up xD that is if he make it, it would be a relief for Gejutel.

Waaa so confusing >< don't wanna see the results.

So loyal of you Seira T.T I wish this madness will be put to an end already, but that will end the series I don't want that either @_@

This is truly madness. She didn't even investigate for further information at least to confirm if shes right or wrong. -.- if she continues to force eternal sleep the both of them, I will throw tomatoes at her. = ="

Gejutel-nim this is not the time to be laughing right now! But you're right Seira has nothing to do with everything so that means she has the right to live a bit longer, as for Getujel we don't know who's the traitor and what really happened. Right? Right?

Forgive her!! She has nothing to do with this let her live! or else 

You're really a hopeless case Gejutel-nim, How can the Lord forgive you if you speak like this you didn't think that she might change her mind you know 

 This is not good we need to get Rai in there.

Rai should take the throne instead of that Onigiri. <<Hmm some how her hairstyle is the the same as in the picture.... So she does look like an Onigiri. 

Gejutel's right! Because the Great Cadis Etrama Di Raizel will defeat anyone If I were you Onigiri-sama you should run before Rai eats you

True~ That's why Rai and Frankenstein can make a good team!

So does that mean that Gejutel holds a same strength of the previous leaders?

Soooooo Frankenstein was just a human afterall?

Cool~ xDDD

No wonder he's called Frankenstein. Buuuut if he's human how come he was able to live longer than humans? and who's regard? @_@


The Story continues in Chapter 191 that will be next week I think. Anyways that's it for today so if you have questions please post you comments below and I'll try to explain it thoroughly to you.

And Oh yeah I almost forgot the pages that you see here are not complete you might want to visit for a complete one. 

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