Sunday, June 19, 2011

[Update] Vampire Knight 72

Vampire Knight 72

Spoiler Warning like I said before proceed with caution if ya haven't read VK before, leave this page. All the Copyrights below belongs to Mangareader for sharing, Shoujocafe for translating and editing thank you so much for your hard work and Hino Matsuri-sama for creating an outstanding Manga!.

Okay seriously I don't like the cover of the page -.- It should be Zero who's modeling VK not Kaname xDDDD

Chapter 72 talks about Yuuki, Zero and Maria. At the start of the story, A small group of Vampires gathered together in a small place where they go on an Auction, and a young lady laid there sleeping it is said that, that lady's body contained "the water of life". I don't know what that means but if it were real I'll buy it! and then another vampire interrupts the bidding process (aww) screaming "THE HUNTERS HERE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES" something like that.

Moving on, Yuuki appeared. I say, she got nice boots there love it! Then she jumps off the building and caught the Auction Guy (bad luck for you) with a bottle in his hand.

Such cold words Yuuki-chan xD "I will not let you escape"

Oho~ A girl just appeared this should be interesting.

 ackk. It can't be... Is it real? This can't be happening It's....
Zero!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *fan girl scream* It's been a long long long long long long long long long long long *inhale* long long long long time since Zero-sama made an appearance!! we misss youuuu!!

*gasps* What's this?! Zero holding Yuuki's hand?! omg! this is a dream come trueeeee.*passout*

We interrupt you for this moment as the writer just passed out a while ago. if we disturbed you please let Dizzy handle the work after a short break. ZeKi moment is on stand by in 3...2...1
Heyah! It's Dizzy here sorry for the interruption earlier, but it seems that DC-sama is in comatose due to too much spazz... Plus I think she passed out because of the continuation of the chapter page 11 and 12. As you can see in page 11 everything was going well but then suddenly at page 12... It's too shocking for her to see that part and the cliffhanger. It all began when we're on a behind the scenes. We were discussing about the manga and then she read it the whole chapter and "that" happened.

I wont be here for long so just please read it in this [Link]. Please support Vampire Knight and Support this Blog! Bye~!

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