Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[News] Back~~~

I'm Back for more! That took me awhile to go back to blogging again well... no too long I guess. But I try my best to keep blogging at least once a day will be good, right? right? anyway the reason why I stopped blogging is that in me previous blog post I wrote there DOOM right? well it is DOOM, but not that scary, I've got lots of assignments to deal with etc. gahh dunno how to manage time now, but right now the assignments have gotten a lot slower now, that gives me more time to blog about what's happening. I think I've been left out in the latest music, but I've been in to Manga right now especially Vampire Knight I've been dying to know what happens next and why is that Zero doesn't give a reaction when he saw Yuuki </3 I hope the author will make it a ZeKi instead of Kaname x Yuuki (sorry i dunno their actual pairing don't care anyway <.< , joking!)

Anyway I have some updates on Pandora Hearts and Vampire Knight just awhile ago at school my friend saw the latest updates in mangareader so I'm gonna post the update later after this post~

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