Sunday, June 19, 2011

Watched D.Gray Man

Okay~ after recovering earlier today I'm gonna give some of my POV in D.Gray Man. Now some of you watched it, and some of you finished watching it and reading it. I know that I'm kinda late for watching this anime. But for me it's never too late. I've already seen this since my first year or 6th grade forgot, anyway I've seen this update a couple of times in OneManga back in the days I was reading Death Note, Absolute Boyfriend, Hikaru No Go and etc. Don't know what I'm reading back then but yeah I've already encountered D.Gray Man. At first I was like "Woahh awesome manga, I wanna read it and watch it!(at that time I dunno where to find anime videos)" then "What's the name of that manga again?". But now that I've found a stable anime video provider I can now watch anytime I want to without worrying the time schedule in Animax lol.

Anyway, The first episode was very funny at first then later on a very dramatic scene comes. When I reached episode 3 The Head of the Dark Organization was funny! And I like Allen Walker vs Yu Kanda. And I also like Allen's Master and his sidekick Timcanpy. I stopped at episode 5, I cried when the Doll shared a story about The Guy and Her. Seriously I'm really sensitive when it comes to dramatic scenes, sometimes a teared up sometimes I just kept quiet until the very end of the episode.

Well that's all for today see you guys tomorrow it's 11:23 here so bye~ need to get for energy for tomorrow xD

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