Monday, October 24, 2011

[News] The Boss releases the Extended version of "Lady"

Heya!! Have you heard of The Boss yet? No? WHY?!! Just kidding. I'm sure you guys already know them for some time. I'm a fan of The Boss ever since they debuted their first single called "Admiring Boy" at first I didn't like them since I thought it was just another rookie band. But after researching about them I found out they titled themselves as "Mini-DBSK" when I saw that word It made me happy since they respect their seniors and all. And as we all know DBSK's fame is unattainable, They are truly a legend, That's why I have high expectations in DGNA.

Anyway going back the main topic~

They're first teaser is this

They're second teaser is this

Can't wait for their Full MV. It will be released on the 26th of October followed by "Soom" Japanese version by Beast/B2ST (≧∇≦) ack~~ cant wait!! Just when our sem break starts good timing!! Oh I got a little something for you guys :D

I hope you guys like it :D

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