Saturday, November 5, 2011

[Game Reviews] Dragon Nes

Ahh~ It's been a while that I've reviewed games like this so anyway, What we're going to review is Dragon Nest, what are the Pros and Cons and some tips on leveling your character. I know that a lot of you have played Dragon Nest right? It's new and It's trendy these days so once you mentioned it peoples minds will say "Ahh I've played that game~ what server are you?" something like that.

Dragon Nest is a hack n slash game where you can level on dungeons only it's not the type of MMORPG where you can level on monsters in different maps like World of Warcraft.It's very anime-ish and 3-D. NPC's here can talk but very limited like "Good Work" or "Hi There" sometimes there's a cut scene during boss stage, Expressions can be quite entertaining the dances there are based on Kpop depending on the class that you choose. And you can level through questing which is very easy to accomplish. The game is pretty easy to handle, even a starter can level up to 24 in just a matter of weeks or days.
so Pros and Cons~

The game has a great graphics and also the fighting styles, combos and skills effects. More cool upcoming updates soon so be prepared. Can adjust difficulty from easy to abyss. Party consist of 4 players only. Players can choose whether to go solo or to group with other fellow players Dungeon raids can be done with a party member (much faster leveling than solo flight) and can be done with solo since this game is solo friendly. They give gifts every time you level up some are seasonal like Halloween stuffs. Spending real money on this game is not necessarily important, you can always farm through dungeons and sell them via auction. If you're a hard worker then you can make 100 gold in less than a week or maybe even days.

There are someday's that you can get in the game easily, sometimes on the server selection a window will pop out and says waiting then no. of people. There are only 4 classes to choose from so it's pretty limited plus it's a gender specific classes, it means that you cant choose which gender you like the best. The only way to level faster is to repeat dungeons that gives you good EXP so it's very tedious.

So my overall rating is 6/10 because it still has bugs and not that unique compared to other fighting games.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you through the game

In the start of the game you can level up very fast via questing and dungeon. and here's a friendly tip after reaching level 12 up you can do commission quests beside every dungeon except low level dungeons. After reaching 14 or 16 finish all the commission quests on the temple of sleepers leaving only the masters quest this is a repeatable quest. Every masters quest is repeatable not only temple of sleepers. Some commission quests can give you a total of 20 to 30k EXP so don't miss that out.

Then farming. you can farm rough agate in the Sanctuary Core. If you go for Rough Agate only then it'll take 4 minutes to finish the whole dungeon using a Force User. If your a mercenary like me you are required to have atleast a party member. Soloing Sanctuary Core using mercenary may require high end enhancements or good items in hand and must be high level. You can farm at the resting place because of the Tears of the Soul I think it sells for 3G+ each if I'm not mistaken and Poison Pills from the boss. If your character is on the average side or you like solo. Then you can farm Green items and Blue items. If you have tons of Green Items and you don't know where to use it, Don't throw it or leave it there. Enhance it to +8 then sell it to the auction, you have to check the pricing of that item If it's 3 gold then your stats is better than the lowest price sell it for 3 gold, I guarantee you that that item will be sold within the day. Blue items are not required to do enhancements but if you have better luck in enhancing and have Rough Agates then enhance. But I recommend you to not. Sell the Rough Agates and the non-enhanced Blue Items it is better this way.

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