Saturday, November 6, 2010

First Post!

So to start off with my first post i'll be posting my new game discovery. It's Shaiya Philippines i've been waiting for this game for a month now i think xD it's CBT so i created a character yesterday and i'm having trouble giving a name on my character i tried "Zero" but someone got it = =" and so i tried "King" and it worked.. i tried the easy mode then after that i tried the normal mode the sad part is you CANT change the mode you have to create another character and set it to normal mode... wasted my time on easy mode though i learned a lot.

This time my character name is "Z.E.R.O" xD. cant think of a new name :/... anyway i'll give this game a short review. hmm maybe a 4/5. The graphics is a bit old like WoW (no offense :)), the game style is just like a same ol' RPG game, the character races are good, the NPC's...too many~ xDD, game modes... classic xD. Over all the game is great i'm happy that i had fun playing that game :)

to all CBT players of Shaiya PH out there feel free to add me in game or post your in-game name here and let's meet in game ^^ btw i'm an Alliance of Light soon to be Union of Fury :))

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