Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Waiting for the next chapter xDDD

Kyaaa anyone of you guys know Watashi ni xx Shinasai? yeah the girl with the cold stare shes called the ice queen sometimes... and and... never mind haha. well the point that i posted this because~.... I GOT SOOOOO EXCITED TO SEE THE NEXT CHAPTER!!... *inhale exhale* oppss sorry~ i think i got a little too excited but anyway you guys should read CH 18 in manga fox if you guys haven't read this manga yet go and read from the beginning!! its a good manga.. promise.

Heres some of my favorite scenes in CH 18: (Warning Spoilers below)
Too Late Shigure xD
Kyaaa Love this part
Omg No~~
Gooo Akira-kun teach her a lesson! :P
aww soo caring :">
what's gonna happen next? hmm after i saw the kiss between shigure and yukina, i got a feeling that yukina will choose shigure over akira (poor akira) at first when i saw shigure hmm i think these guys are canon, but then akira appeared (i thought he was a she!) then a sudden change of atmosphere.... *wooosssshhh* the problem is.. that, i cant choose between the two. both men are handsome and cute etc. but both have different love for yukina... i think i noticed something new with shigure the fact that he's a little aggressive with yukina, and for akira well he's sooo sweet than the last time, for Akira fangirls out there lets hope that Akira will get yukina! fighting! thats all xDDDDD

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