Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Future Fanfic

Hi Hi~! I started re-doing my old Fanfic that I plan to finish it by December, then that thought went missing in the past 2 or 3 months already... lol. but here I am willing to finish it after seeing that particular video in youtube that gave me the urge to continue it and re-doing it. Though I'm not sure when it will be finished and by January school starts again, so much for future fanfic... Anyway I'm still working on a few chapters and made a simple sketch of my favorite character in Death Note. Yeah I'm somewhat of a fangirl to him even though he doesn't exist... damn... His name's Matt aka Mail Jeevas, I know... I know I'm not the only fangirl that squeals every single picture of him.

Plus your asking... "what's the name of your fanfic?" or "when will it be released?" or "Who's pairing is it this time?"

A 1: Well for now it'll be named "DN Remake" but i'll be making some future changes...
A 2: I don't know when but be patient maybe i'll be posting some chapters
A 3: It's gonna be my favorite pairing that didn't exist in Manga nor Anime, it's Matt X Misa... i know its a weird pairing but give me a break their THE coolest pairing I've seen and created by Death Note fans. I had enough MattXMello pairing for now. time to straighten it up since Matt's one of the Death Note characters who said she's 'Cute' out loud.

That's all for today~ Tomorrow I'll be releasing my "Creations" be sure to comment on it!~

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