Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[News] Still Alive~

Heya Dizzyreaders! Just to inform you that I'm still alive and kicking! Okay that's about it for today ciao~~
Just kidding! Actually I don't have any good topic to share to you guys, but there is one, though I'm not sure if it's really a topic or not. Heck, I'll just give all that I've been meaning to say a long time ago. But first let's start off with my upcoming Finals next week, then after that is Sembreak, which means I'll be able to blog, sleep, write and so on. I'll think of it as a mini-vacation--super short vacation mind you--

Well enough said with that Finals thingy, there's nothing good about it anyway. Let's move on to the next one, it's about my Fanfic; it isn't that new anymore because I have about... 20 chapters already and recently I  decided to redo all my work; well not literally redo, I just wanted to edit some parts of the story because of my *cough* stupid grammar *cough* and trying to re-study English grammar once again (I don't pay attention with my teachers back in the days, now I'm regretting everything) and hopefully I'll be able to write better and not kill people with my bad grammar. Luckily I have a friend who have already mastered English grammar. She's currently helping me with my punctuation problem-- I suck at it-- I find some small improvements on my writing; I'm still struggling to perfect it.

Eh eh eh! almost forgot! T.T B1A4 Hello Baby has ended already :((((((((( I wanna cry... I won't be able to see Eunsol and Hyunwoo again :((( unless they make their own special surprise after a few months. I will totally miss their bonding's with B1A4 despite all the missions Hello Baby producers gave them, and I will definitely miss Gongchan and Eunsol. I squeal every time I see them *spaz~* maybe I'll blog about them XDD~~~

Anyway that's it for today ciao~~ :3

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