Saturday, May 21, 2011

B2ST's New Album Released!

Alright! This is one of my most awaited albums of the month! I've been waiting for so long and it finally paid off. Yesterday I already got the full album of B2ST it's called "Fiction and Fact" wonder why they called it Fiction and Fact... anyway while I was downloading the album I started looking for the MV of "Fiction" good thing my friend messaged me and said "Did you already see the MV?" so yeah thanks to her I wouldn't have known it from the start.

Anyway the music video is very very good. It's quite similar to Breathe. The footwork was very confusing too, The first time that I tried it, my ankle went Fiction @_@ but when I tried it several times, I think I got it, its very similar to C walk. Some think its similar to Happy Feet. A must watch MV from B2ST.

Heres the MV:

Moving on to the album. "Fiction and Fact" is their first full album. A short info that I saw before the release. so here's the album list along with a short review.

Fiction and Fact
  1. The Fact - You may notice every album of B2ST that there's a short intro for their album.
  2. Fiction - The intro was unique, some scribbling sounds and paper sounds very creative. The music has a great meaning to it even though I can't understand it, I can really feel that this music has a sad atmosphere just by listening to it over and over again, from the title itself maybe their showing that the girl is just a fiction from a book. A very catchy song it is.
  3. Back To You - An up-beat song, I can also feel a sad atmosphere here. Again another catchy song from the album.
  4. You - A medium paced song and Love song.
  5. Freeze - A fast paced song. similar to "Beautiful"
  6. Virus - Another medium paced song. similar to "Break Down"
  7. 불러보지만 (Though I Call) - Another catchy song, the song soothes the listener, A heartbreaking song.
  8. 비가 오는 날엔 (On Rainy Days) - This song has a mini-album itself. another sad song.
  9. Lightless (Unplugged Ver.) - Unplugged version is just their voices with acoustic instruments.
  10. Fiction (Orchestra Ver.) - A very soft music
If you want to download the album Click Here all the songs in the album is a must hear. I assure you that you'll enjoy listening to them.

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