Saturday, May 21, 2011

Had Fun Today

Earlier today we had lunch with Auntie Janette Toral along with my family. The four of us ate at TenderBob.
 This was my advance Birthday Celebration, at first I didn't know what Tender Bob's was since I haven't been there. And since Dad has been there before me, he wants me try and taste their cuisines.

Once their we talked about blogging, since Auntie Janette is an expert I asked a few questions about blogging. She suggested me to go back to Blogspot and start blogging there again. And so I did.

I must say their cooking is excellent, the baby back ribs was very tasty, it was melt in the mouth dunno how did they make it. after we finished the main dish we had dessert.
 The ice cream was really....

I really had a wonderful day today and I'll remember this day.

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