Saturday, May 28, 2011

Watched Psychic Detective Yakumo

Just finished watching Ep.2 Psychic Detective Yakumo at  even though I already finished reading the manga, It really urges me to watch the anime too, But it seems like the anime itself differs from the manga and the manga differs from the novel all though they have some similarity like Haruka met Nao in the Anime Nao can't speak but she can feel emotions, in the Manga Nao can't speak but can speak through minds and can feel emotions. Yakumo borrowing a book in the anime but in the Manga he borrowed the car for a certain investigation. Yakumo's Uncle explaining Nao's situation, In the Manga Yakumo is the one who explained Nao's situation. But it's good that they kinda mix the story, for me I like the manga more than the anime though I like both of them. But anyway since Episode 2 was kinda heart breaking (Almost with tears) I'd say 5/5 the old man's story was very sad, It saddens me more when the old man talks about his fiancée and found out that, that girl died from tuberculosis and how Yakumo saves Haruka <3 kawaii~ YakumoXHaruka <3.

I'am still waiting for the next chapter so I will be watching the whole episode for now. How bout you guys? Have you watched the whole episode? or Have you finished reading and waiting for the next update? What do you think of YakumoXHaruka?

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