Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[Release] F.T Island Return 3rd Mini Album

F.TIsland's New Mini Album Titled "Return" It was just release just yesterday on my birthday! I didn't know that :( but anyway I'm getting very excited in this because I've seen the preview of the MV, I was memorized makes it very confusing if they're Jrock or Krock I'd say both :D. This album came in just about 1 week or so after the "Five Treasure Island" album.

Hmm... For me their new looks really suits the MV, I can't wait for the full MV!

And Just now I finished downloading their album can't wait to listen to it xD anyway if you want the album download them here

Here is the "Return" tracklist:

  1. Hello Hello
  2. Oh
  3. 널갖겠다
  4. 고백합니다
  5. Sunshine Girl

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