Sunday, May 22, 2011

TVXQ Leader U-Know Yunho knows how to skate?!

Yes a great shock to me when I saw this video on just today. Believe it or not he did skate perfectly for a beginner! I couldn't skate in my first time at all, All I did was crawl back out of the rink. But for Yunho it seems like he's a pro at doing this. Watch this.
 Really... How did he do that? As expected from Yunho very patient in practicing. I was so amazed by his performance, so amazed that all I did was stare with my mouth wide open. Speechless. I must say Yunho really did a great job there. He's a true performer, no wonder they chose him to take part at the "This Is It Tribute".

I mean moon walking at the ice skating rink was so PRO! Even the American judge was astonished. I can even see Changmin and Minho cheering for Yunho.
I hope I could see him skating again :D
U-Know Yunho Fighto!

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